Wine and Champagne to jump 10-15%

Since the ‘brexit’ hype and new prime minister we have not had a great time with the euro exchange rate. The pound has dropped in value some 10-15%.

If you are looking to start a collection now might be the best time as once the reserve stocks of European wines deplete, UK merchants will have to dip into the European market. UK merchants will have to pay 10-15% more for the same wines and champagnes given the pound to euro exchange rate of £1/€1.19. UK merchants were buying at a rate of £1/€1.35.

If you own a collection you could see the value increase due to the above. If you are a drinker you will see an increase in the price you pay per bottle from you local retailer.

We do not expect the values to change over night. We expect a gradual increase as the stock of wines in the UK depletes.


What to do now?

Sell and take advantage of a healthy market in which to offer your collections. Capitalise on the demand.

Increase your collection as a price increase is more than likely. Act before the increase.


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